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Career in Academic Research in Economics (CARE)

CARE: Planning a Career in Academic Research in Economics

This program is to help students prepare for advanced degrees and develop careers in economics.

 (Click here to view the slides used in the initial meeting on April 11, 2017)

CARE as a mentoring program

Do you want to pursue a PhD in economics and to become an opinion leader? Then, you are at the right place. Graduate training in economics can offer excellent career opportunities regardless of whether you want to be an academic researcher, a public policy maker, or a professional consultant. However, it is a competitive profession: getting admission to top graduate program requires a lot of preparation and dedication, and earning a degree successfully needs even more. We are here to help undergraduate students who want to steer their life in this direction. We provide faculty mentoring for this. See contact information below.

CARE to support women and minorities

Women and minorities are under-represented in the profession and this program reflects our mission to counter that. See our mission statement for diversity.

Useful Information from AEA

What is economics?

Preparing for graduate school: What you need to get in.

Graduate degrees in economics: Which program is right for you?

Suggested application timeline

Funding opportunities

Recommended math preparation

Understanding the job market: What happens after Grad School?

Career opportunities in economics

Research highlights

Undergraduate research opportunities

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Contact Information

Bee-Yan Roberts
Professor of Economics and Asian Studies
(814) 863-1996

Sung Jae Jun
Associate Department Head, Associate Professor of Economics
(814) 865-6149