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Graduate Computer Lab - Windows Network

New - Important:

Computer Use Policy

Log off time: A new setup has been activated. You will be logged off if you are logged in and the machine is left inactive for too long a time. Any programs you have open will be shutdown forcefully. If a document had been changed, but not saved, you will lose your work. Currently the countdown will start at 15 minutes of idle time. The countdown will last for 30 minutes. This means that you will be logged off after a total of 45 minutes idle time. 

General Information: 

  • DO NOT Turn off the computers. When you choose shut down from the start menu, choose the option for logging off your account. The machines are to remain turned on at all times. 
  • Help: Contact  Information Technology in Liberal Arts for help. Include in your message as much detail as you can: what machine you are using, what program isn't working, what command you use to start it, and what the error message is. 
  • Viruses: The computers all run virus scanning software. Once a night all machines are scanned for viruses. During the day, the scanning software also checks files as they are used and as they are downloaded. Infected files are automatically thrown away. 
  • File Storage: Everyone has storage space allocated on the server for saving files. This space appears on the local machine as the H: drive. When you move from machine to machine in the lab this drive moves with you. Anything saved to the C: drive will only exist on one machine. 
  • Computer rebuilds: The lab computers will be refreshed on a regular basis. This will involve erasing everything on the hard drive and replacing it with a fresh copy. As a result, anything saved on the local machine's C: drive will be irretrevably lost. The H: drive is not part of the local machine's hard drive and will not be affected by the rebuild. 
  • Music: All of the machines are equiped with sound cards, you will need to bring your own headphones to use them. DO NOT save music files to the hard drives. They will be deleted without warning when found. 


  • General: Students are responsible for providing their own paper for printing. The printer is setup with a limit to the amount of pages you can print each semester. This limit is reset at the begining of each semester. Currently the limit is 1500 pages a semester, 2500 for job market candidates. This page count is displayed as a dollar value counting backwards to $0. 
  • Overheads: The lab printer can not print on regular overhead transparancy sheets, they will melt. You must get special overheads for laser printing. 
  • Connecting to the printer: Accounts are connected to the printer automatically.


Lab Care: 

  • Please remember to turn out the lights if you are the last to leave the lab. 
  • Please clean up the lab as you use it. The janitorial staff empty the trash cans, they do not clean up the trash left lying on the tables.